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Odor eliminating products and personalized gifts

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There is NOTHING on the market that will top these sprays. I have 7 different scents. They ACTUALLY DO KILL THE ODORS!!! The scent last hours, sometimes DAYS just making my home smell AMAZING!! Get them! You WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!


Our basement flooded and had a damp smell to it for months. After burning one of the Odor Eliminating Candles the smell is gone and we can enjoy our family room again. Thank you Southern Flame!


I am in love with my Southern Flame Candle. I burned it for 4 hours with NO allergy irritation or headache. So excited to be able to burn candles again!


I love all of the options for labels and that they can be personalized. I bought my Mom the "BEST MOM EVER" candle for her birthday and she cried when she read the back.  Working with Trisha is a breeze and she is so sweet! I will be back again!